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2020 Weddings Redefined | Micro Weddings + After Parties

2020 is all about change, and we’re seeing a refreshing shift away from traditional weddings. Gone are the days where we have to invite Uncle Barry, his third wife and their 11 children – today’s weddings are all about focusing on the guest experience with a much more intimate and interactive experience. As a Wedding DJ service, we’re totally excited about this change in focus and are especially stoked to see the best of these 2020 wedding trends coming together.

Micro Weddings

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Micro Weddings are all the rage in 2020  and looks to be a trend that’s going to stick around in the coming years – with good reason. Micro-weddings are opening up our eyes to smaller, one-of-a-kind experiences that treat your nearest and dearest to an event they won’t soon forget. These unique weddings focus on quality over quantity by minimizing venue costs and shaving down the guest list, allowing for a more lavish budget and experience per guest.

By keeping your guest list to a maximum of 40-50 people, you open up endless possibilities for unique venues and private, elite parties that deliver a big impact and creates a very exclusive feel for your wedding day. Keep reading for our favourite 2020 micro-wedding ideas and trends so far!

Here Are Some Micro Wedding Ideas

• For venues, think outside-the-box and consider art studios, galleries, theatres, ski chalets, museums, vineyards, or even renting out your favourite restaurant (and saving on chairs & linen expenses). Placing more emphasis on connecting the wedding couple with their guests in a more intimate setting is seeing a huge surge in popularity with both introverts and extroverts alike.

• Use food as art for striking visuals and an alternative to traditional elements such as formal dining, while allowing for more creativity (and budget) for guest experiences such as interactive mixology lessons for signature drinks, artisanal tasting bars, and late-night charcuterie or pancake buffets.

Wedding After Parties

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Wedding after parties are finally being recognized as a must-have element of your wedding experience and an important consideration to keep in mind when beginning your planning and budgeting. This is the ultimate way to end your wedding day and is a huge opportunity to make a big impact and leave a lasting impression on your guests. Provide the ultimate experience for your guests with these great 2020 wedding after-party plans.
• Invest in the best wedding DJ you can find in order to give your guests an interactive, and engaging party they won’t soon forget. While there’s always someone with a playlist and a speaker ready to help out for a few bucks – leaving the biggest party of your life in the hands of a well-meaning friend is simply not in your best interests. A great wedding DJ can single-handedly start and keep your party going all night long, leaving you free to focus on enjoying your wedding and guests instead of worrying about why there aren’t any feet on the dance floor.

• Redefine the Wedding Photo Booth. We’re seeing a shift in the cutesy, cheesy photo booths and props from prior years and are welcoming a fresh, chic take on this favourite wedding feature. Incorporate custom lighting, elevated platforms, unique furniture – and even swanky additions like disco balls (and we mean lots of them!) for a classy and sophisticated upgrade showcasing your guests and their special event style.

Are You Going To Redefine Your Wedding?

There are so many great new trends on the horizon for 2020 weddings (and beyond) – and we can’t wait to help you explore your unique style and plan the perfect event for your upcoming wedding. For wedding DJ prices, photo booth packages, LED lighting packages, dance floors and wedding DJ add-ons in the Brantford and Kitchener area – Pynx DJ Services is the only name you need to know. Give us a shout today to get your estimate rolling – we’ll bring the party to your wedding and make it easy.  
~ Jamie Carnegie writing for Pynx Productions.
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