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Life on the Big Screen: Shaking up Events in 2020

Picture it. Your favourite movie on the big screen – front and centre, larger than life. Unlimited popcorn, (extra-buttery, if you please), candy to the left of you, a cooler full of drinks to the right. Gorgeous summer weather, a towering movie screen past your outstretched feet, and a custom audio system – all right in your own Brantford backyard movie theatre.

After 3 months of life in lockdown, we’re all ready to shake the funk out of our current routine – and hosting your own backyard movie night is the perfect way to go. Since Pynx Productions is your local Brantford source for backyard movie night rentals – we’ve got a few tips to help you plan the ultimate backyard movie theatre experience.

Pick the right flick

Go epic for the big screen. We’re thinking Mad Max: Fury Road seems like a solid choice for 2020, but big-screen flicks like Avatar, 300, Titanic, and family-friendly Disney classics also stick out as solid contenders. Regardless, of what your group decides on – we’ll make it memorable with an easy and impressive backyard movie setup.

Pick a theme.

Outdoor movie nights are limitless for the fun you can have with them. Plan a family-friendly costume event for the kiddos or a Jaws marathon for your guests while they lounge in inflatable pools – or better yet, the hot tub. Birthdays, anniversaries, and long-overdue date nights are an easy fix with our inexpensive backyard movie night rental packages.

Plan a marathon.

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Avengers, hockey playoffs – settle in for the long haul and soak in every last minute. No more missing chunks of the big-screen movie for pee breaks and tripping over people in the aisles – you are truly running the show. We’ll set it up and take it down, so our no-hassle rentals make your night an absolute breeze.

Attack the snacks.

We recommend starting with some amazing local Brantford takeout, followed by a snack buffet to graze on throughout the night. Run the snack gauntlet with both salty, and sweet, chips, popcorn, M&M’s, candies, maybe even an ice-cream bar for those hot summer days. Personal snack trays or popcorn bowls also make for a nice touch with fewer spills.

Get cozy.

Grab some ultra-soft blankets, big fluffy pillows, air mattresses or comfortable chairs, and cute people to cuddle with. We recommend some citronella candles or torches, string lights, lanterns and a couple of flashlights on hand to keep you on track if you need to get around in limited lighting.

Get your game on.

Backyard movie night isn’t your thing? How about publicly shaming Toad while you run the show in a 6-foot Mario Kart competition? Our outdoor movie night rental packages are compatible with a ton of game systems and give a fresh take on fun nights for gamers, friends, and families.Let us know what your game system is and we’ll hook you up with the right rental package – our backyard movie rental packages are custom made, so you get the right audio and visual, in the right place, for your movies, sports events or big-screen gaming action. Our outdoor movie night rental packages in Brantford start at only $200 and include high-end outdoor projectors, screens, and audio systems for an inexpensive and unique way to host your own event under the stars. For those budget-conscious folks, a DIY screen with a flat sheet can be paired with our projector and speaker rentals to help you make the most of your night. Reach out to Pynx Productions in Brantford today to get hooked up with your own backyard movie night rental package.
~ Jamie Carnegie writing for Pynx Productions.
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