Our Boutique Wedding Option starts with what is listed below...





♥ Single DJ/MC that will tastefully take care of the evening
♥ Up to 8 hours of music including cocktail hour, dinner & the reception
♥ A professional 5,000 watt sound system
♥ Wireless Microphone

♥ LED dance floor lighting package
♥ LED wash lighting package
♥ Specific genres welcomed
♥ Add Ceremony Music for $200
♥ Please contact us to find out our travel rates if your event is outside of the Brantford area. 

♥ 10% discount if you book your Stag & Doe with Pynx!

We have many ways to enhance your venue... The sky is the limit as to where you want to go from here!
The name Pynx is synonymous with venue transformation. We can take any plain venue space and make it unbelievable. Here are some examples below...


Elegant Uplighting

Uplights are the lights placed on the ground around the perimeter of the room directed at the walls. The lights paint white or beige walls that most venues have with any colour you desire. Uplighting gives that 'Wow' factor when people walk into your wedding.

Elegent Uplighting


Graphic Projection

projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience. Projection screens may be permanently installed, as in a movie theater; painted on the wall; or portable with tripod or floor rising models.


Moving Head Lighting

Moving head fixtures are often divided into spot and wash lights. ... Spot units are generally used for their beam effect (usually through smoke or haze) and the ability to project texture, whereas wash lights tend to be used for providing a stage wash.

Wedding Moving Head Lighting Pynx Productions Wedding


Custom Gobo Creation

A “Gobo” is a small stencilled circular disc, and used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. The term Gobo is short for “Go Between Optics”, describing the location where it needs to be positioned in the light path of a lighting fixture.


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