How to Choose a Professional DJ for your High School’s Semi Formal

Choosing a professional DJ

Choosing a professional DJ company for your high school semi formal is one of the most important decisions your student council will make to insure the success of your schools dance. Even if everything else is perfect, without a good disc jockey, the semi formal dance is almost guaranteed to fizzle.


Make sure the disc jockey company that your student council chooses:

1) is a professional DJ company
2) has a good reputation and can back it up with references
3) understands the importance of looking the part at a high school semi formal dance
4) has a business license
5) has an AVLA license for their music/video library
6) has liability insurance
7) provides a contract outlining the DJ services they’ll provide

There are a lot of different factors that your student council will need to look over to choose a professional DJ service. A disc jockey company that has a mission statement on their website also says a lot about the quality of their DJs, a mission statement looks something like this:

"Pynx Productions is dedicated to providing our customers the very best in disc jockey based dance entertainment. We are friendly, professional, capable and trustworthy. Our vision is to provide our clients with unique and high quality products and services that meet or surpass their expectations. We build long term relationships by responding enthusiastically to our customers needs and promise to resolve issues in a fair and honest manner. Pynx Productions is a growth oriented company and it is our goal to become an international leader in the marketplace we represent."


So why is it so important for your student council to have a contract with a high school DJ for your schools semi formal?

1) to protect both parties, all high school dance bookings require a signed contract
2) dates are never confirmed until a customer returns their signed contract
3) parties that have not returned a signed contract risk losing a their dance date
4) in addition to confirming important event details like price, location & times of the dance, staging & electrical requirements this agreement also outlines what happens in case of cancellation

There are a million DJs out there who are trying to get bookings but only a small handful of them will run a professional show, choose wisely!

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