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Bringing the Beach Party to Your High School Dance: Dive into 'Club Tiki' with Pynx DJ Services

High school dances are a chance to create memories that last a lifetime, and what better way to do that than by turning your event into the hottest beach party this side of the border? With Pynx DJ Services’ ‘Club Tiki’ package, you can do just that.

Dive into the details of this electrifying dance package and discover why it’s the ultimate choice for high school dances across Ontario, Canada.

Club Tiki : The Beach Party Experience

Picture this: You walk into your high school dance, and suddenly you’re transported to a tropical paradise. ‘Club Tiki’ brings the essence of tropical destinations right to your venue. The centerpiece of this exciting and spirited beach-style dance package is a massive fluorescent-lit backdrop that’s impossible to miss.

You get everything you need to bring your tropical theme to life, except for the sand (and let’s face it, sand in the gymnasium might be a bit tricky).
Club Tiki Beach Party - Pynx DJ Services

The Show-Stopping Features

This show isn’t just another dance package; it’s an immersive experience that your students will never forget. Here’s what you can expect when you choose ‘Club Tiki’ for your high school dance:

• Designer LED Truss Towers: Four impressive 8-foot designer LED truss towers create an atmosphere that’s both captivating and beachy.

• Powerful Sound System: A 10,000-watt bass-heavy sound system ensures your dance floor rocks to the beat, delivering clear and crisp music that gets everyone moving.

• Nightclub-Style Light Show: The state-of-the-art light show transforms your venue into a pulsating dance floor, setting the perfect party vibe.

• Interactive DJ & Event Host (MC): Our DJs aren’t just there to play music; they’re masters at engaging the crowd, ensuring your event stays lively from start to finish.

• Extensive Music Library: With the best music library on the road, our DJs know how to curate playlists that keep everyone grooving, from the latest chart-toppers to timeless classics.

• Fluorescent Body Paint: Add an extra layer of fun with 2 liters of fluorescent body paint, perfect for getting your students into the beach party spirit.


Why Choose 'Club Tiki' with Pynx DJ Services

‘Club Tiki’ isn’t just a dance package; it’s a journey to an unforgettable beach-style bash.
At Pynx DJ Services, we’ve been setting the stage for incredible high school dances for over 30 years. Our experienced DJs know how to read the crowd and keep the dance floor packed, ensuring that your event is a hit from start to finish.
When it comes to high school dances, ‘Club Tiki’ from Pynx DJ Services is the ultimate choice for adding a tropical twist. If you’re looking to turn your next event into a beach party paradise, look no further. Our beach-style dance package has everything you need to make your dance a hit.

Don’t settle for an ordinary high school dance—elevate it to a beach party experience.
Pynx DJ Services - Meet the Team - From OSLC 2023
Book with Pynx DJ Services and let’s turn your event into a beach-style bash that will have your students talking about it long after the dance ends!
Elevate your high school dance to epic proportions by combining our DJ package with the Pynx Photo Booth experience. While ‘Club Tiki’ transforms your venue into a beach-style bash, our Photo Booth captures the unforgettable moments. Imagine your students donning beach attire and striking goofy poses, creating memories that will last a lifetime.
With customizable backgrounds and fun props, the Photo Booth adds an interactive and entertaining element to your tropical-themed dance. It’s the perfect pairing to ‘Club Tiki,’ ensuring your event is not only visually stunning but also brimming with candid, keepsake moments your students will treasure forever.
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