Pynx DJ Spotlight – NMEdj

DJ Bio - NMEdj

Name: NMEdj
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Social / URL: @nmedj


Favourite Pynx Show: Neon Glow

Years DJing Professionally: 15 years

Gear you use: Reloop RP 8000 Digital Turntables, Traktor Z2 Mixer, Traktor F1 Midi Kontroller, EV Speakers

Favourite Music Genres: I love 5% of every genre

Favourite Artists: Post Malone, Dr Fresche, DC Breaks

How did you get started: My mom wouldn’t let me play drums in the house, I could play records in my headphones, problem solved.

Most memorable gig: Boots & Hearts 2017

Advice for New DJ's: Learn how to mix, it’s the bare minimum requirement for entry.

Cool Mix:

[mixcloud width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]

Favourite Emoji:
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Favourite Food: Tacos

Favourite Music Movie: Spawn (best soundtrack ever)

Favourite Muppet: Animal
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