Customize your upcoming high school dance with a variety of exciting options and DJ packages. Our entertainment solutions suit a wide array of crowd and venue sizes. Browse through the different selections below or you can consult with one of our advisors in choosing the best package to suit your occasion and budget.
“Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time.” – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Premium DJ Packages

Perfect for crowds for up to 200 people! Check these out!

Video Dance Parties

Canada’s leading Video Dance Party supplier!

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Semi Formal / Prom

Let us help you make your formal event one to remember!
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Top Rated High School Dance DJs in Ontario

If you’re searching for one of the top rated DJ companies in Ontario – look no further! Pynx is the premier Ontario DJ Service and have provided DJ solutions for thousands of schools across the country. We are based in Brantford, Ontario but provide entertainment solutions all across the province.

Why trust Pynx for your high school dance?

School Boards, Student Councils, and Teachers across Ontario have trusted Pynx with their dances for over 30 years. Our Top Rated DJ team live for music and follow the latest trends, charts, and styles that students love. Our music content is carefully monitored and we only play radio friendly/clean versions of the top hits. We carefully select student requests to make sure the content is appropriate for a school setting. Our staff is carefully selected and maintain a high level of polite customer service for all interactions.
Planning a special occasion or event?
Our DJ packages are customized to match a range of events, catering to whatever occasion you have in mind.
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✓ Energetic DJ/MC Combo sure to keep your crowd entertained

✓ Well maintained and state of the art sound system guaranteed to fill your venue

✓ Customized professional lighting packages

✓ Open communication before, during, and after your event


Check out what some of our clients have to say about the premier DJ Service in Ontario!
“The DJ was wonderful!! He had everyone on the dance floor pretty much the entire night. Set up was timely and he was very easy and fun to work with. Awesome work! Thanks again!”
Jennifer (Student Council)
“The DJs arrived on time, were set up and and very professional in their dealings with us. The students had a great time. They seemed to love the music and appreciated some requests being played. The student council appreciated the fact that your emcee thanked them twice for having them come out.”
Sharon (Student Council Advisor)
“Thank you so much for everything! Everyone loved the dance, and we had people coming up to us all night telling us how much fun they were having! You guys did an awesome job, and everything was done without complications, which was really great!! We’ll be in touch again for our later dance, it will most likely be around February! Thanks so much for everything again, and talk to you soon!”
Tea (Student Council Rep)
“The guys were great before and after the dance, really friendly and pretty easily approachable, not like a lot of the other DJs we’ve had. The music blew me away, actually, I had an awesome time. It was good to see the DJ actually do his own mixing, the other DJs we have had would either be really bad at mixing or just press play and be done with it. We had a lot of requests for country music, which was to be expected, but he mixed them into other songs and it was insane, it really pleased everyone. This event had a better turn out then we normally have, everyone had a great time. I’ve heard over and over again that it was one of the best dances we’ve ever had at the school. I’ll make sure that next year we get you guys for the first dances of the year so we can get our attendance back up. Anyways, it really did blow me away and I’ll definitely recommend you for next year’s student council. Thanks so much!”
Emma (Social Convenor)
“Our event with Pynx (a school semi-formal) exceeded all our expectations! Prior to the event, the Pynx admin team was able to help us navigate choices and obstacles in the event planning process (especially appreciated as someone new to dance-planning).

Our DJ, Mike, was very professional and easy to work with. He arrived on time, asked about our needs, and was accommodating and flexible when new situations and needs arose throughout the night (providing his professional perspective while always giving us the final say). The music was absolutely brilliant. Our students passed along a number of requests, and the DJ used his professional judgement to determine which requests to include in the lineup. He also used the music to get the crowd involved and moving. I won’t spoil the techniques he used, but suffice it to say, you’ll want to be ready to film the moments of hype towards the end.

The students had an amazing time. I loved seeing the students grow more and more comfortable on the dance floor, dancing the night away before too long. A number of students came up to me to express their gratitude for the event, and the Pynx DJ played a massive role in creating that atmosphere. So, on the whole: extremely satisfied with what Pynx was able to provide for us yesterday. Would recommend!
Joshua Dolman (Student Council Rep)
“The DJ was great, nothing but praise towards him. We loved the music and the whole set up was great. A lot of students including myself went to other proms and the music was not comparable to ours. Thank you so much again for DJ our prom this year! Will for sure be letting whoever runs it next year to come to you guys again.”
Student Council
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