Staying Social with Virtual Events in 2020

Thanks to Covid-19, the biggest 2020 event trend to date has unfortunately been postponement or cancellation. There’s hope on the horizon though, thanks to Pynx Productions cutting-edge, virtual event, live-stream, and webcasting solutions.  Keep reading to find inspiration for the perfect way to connect with your audience, share your message or unite your socially distanced group in an engaging way that proves that 2020 and 2021 events in Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto, and Kitchener are certainly not canceled – just different.

FUNDRAISING: Raise the funds...and the fun factor.

With the end-of-the-year giving season upon us, our communities are very much looking for opportunities to come together and support each other, particularly during times of distance and separation. With on-going uncertainty ahead for in-person events, donors are eager to continue supporting their causes – provided you can reach and engage them in progressive, professional, and interesting ways. Some of our top picks for funky new live-stream fundraising initiatives:
Virtual Auctions and Happy Hours – sold to the generous remote benefactor in the blue bathrobe!

• Virtual Tours – museums, art galleries, historical sites, the world is your virtual oyster.

• Virtual Scavenger Hunts – photo or video submissions from remote locations make for an exciting way to get your audience involved. Create teams and set a time limit to build a sense of urgency to meet your goals.

• Online Gaming Tournament – the online gaming (and giving!) community is a force to be reckoned with. Set your fundraising goals and see how quickly you can hit your targets. Ask us how we can big-screen your gaming setup and live-stream the action.

• Free Digital Downloads with Donation – offer great incentives such as artwork prints, recipe collections, discount codes, music downloads, e-books, local artisan gifts…the possibilities are endless. Include options for a variety of gifts in exchange for different levels of donations to encourage higher monetary goals and repeat giving opportunities.

WEBCASTING: Bring your remote audience together.

While coronavirus has kept us isolated, in many cases, it’s also given us an opportunity to expand our audiences over borders and even globally. Education and arts have proven once again to be a unifying force that brings people together in times of crisis – even remotely. Want ideas to connect, engage, build and grow your brand or cause? Sign us up for any of the following ideas to kickstart your next virtual event.
• Virtual Concerts – there’s no building capacity to worry about when your audience tunes in from the comfort of their own living room. Pynx delivers a polished event from start to finish – check out our portfolio for seamless samples of past events.

•  Conferences, Lectures and Ted-Style Talks
– connect with like-minded souls who are craving some higher-level stimulation while cooped up indoors this winter. Be sure to share upcoming virtual class registration opportunities, personal consultations, and books/e-books for sale to maximize your impact.

•  Product Launches – live demonstrations, how-to videos, live-stream-discount buying opportunities…we’ll help you unveil your products and ramp up the audience excitement factor.

• Poetry Readings, Book Clubs – add some heart, soul, and social distancing with a reading from your audience’s favourite author at your next virtual event or seminar.

• Virtual Cooking Class or Paint Night – learn, have fun, build your audience’s skills, and spread awareness about your upcoming virtual events, products, and services.
Putting Life back into Live Events with a Live Stream
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm, Pynx Pro was already enhancing smaller, more intimate micro weddings and events with complete audio and video services, including expert live streaming and webcasting in Brantford and surrounding areas. Pynx Productions doesn’t just deliver top-of-the-line virtual events – they offer peace of mind for booking your upcoming 2020/2021 events. Life doesn’t have to wait.
Reach out to Pynx today to request your quote – our experienced virtual events, live-stream, and webcast services team will help you plan ahead for convocation ceremonies, concerts, sports ceremonies, business & political messages, product launches, award ceremonies, and more. Stay tuned!  
~ Jamie Carnegie writing for Pynx Productions.
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