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Top 6 Reasons Photo Booth Rentals Boost Your Wedding Experience

Have You Thought About a Photo Booth for Your Wedding? You Totally Should!

You’ve spent ages planning your wedding…now – it’s time to make sure your day is truly unforgettable!

2022 weddings are focused on personal experiences, with less tradition, more personal connection, and happy, candid memories to enjoy forever. At Pynx Productions, we’re passionate about taking your experience to the next level and making your events something to be remembered! Since it’s our job to deliver professional, seamless fun – we’re here to tell you why a wedding photo booth rental is exactly what you need to bring a little extra excitement and to elevate your guests’ Brantford wedding experience to a whole new level.

Top 6 Reasons Photo Booth Rentals Boost Your Wedding Experience

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1. Photo Booths are Instant Memory-Makers
For most people, we typically want something a little more exciting than the same old average Brantford wedding. We love being enticed with a fun option, a unique experience, and the opportunity to make one-of-a-kind memories while still enjoying classic wedding culture, with a modern twist. For extra fun, we suggest you catch your wedding party and guests in before-and-after-the-party photos for a hilarious take on how the night progresses and how much fun was had!
2. Photo Booths are an Absolute Blast and People LOVE Them!

It doesn’t matter if you’re 4 years old or 84 years old – climbing into a wedding photo booth brings delight, surprises, and lots of laughter! For the older crowd, they deliver a fresh take on nostalgic photo booths, with enough of the newest tech to keep the younger crowd thrilled as well. It’s a non-formal way to engage, have some fun, and is a great alternative for those who don’t drink, dance, or may have retired from the dance floor. Experiences bring longer-lasting happiness to people, and our wedding photo booth rentals deliver an exciting, satisfying break from the routine, something different to get you off your feet, and keep your guests excited and celebrating all night long!

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3. Photo Booths Break the Ice & Create Closer Connections

Weddings, crowds, and events can be intimidating for some people. Wedding photo booths make excellent ice-breakers and create closer connections between friends and family by sharing positive emotional connections and great, happy times. They make the perfect spot for familiar faces to reconnect and for new connections to be made, all while everyone is dolled up in their finest and feeling celebratory. The instant quality prints that our wedding photo booths deliver give guests something to talk about, share, and post online. Encourage your guests to share their photos with a customized wedding hashtag to make sure you don’t miss out on a minute of the fun.

4. Photo Booths Eliminate Awkward Waiting Time

Without fail, there’s always an awkward chunk of time during every wedding where guests are left to twiddle their thumbs and find a way to entertain themselves. Wedding photo booths make excellent entertainment options to amuse guests while the wedding party is off for photos, and the reception is coming together. When your guests are left with minimal options to keep themselves in a celebratory mood, you often lose some of the excitement and momentum of your big day if guests are left to sit and wait for a lengthy time. Instead, hook them up with some pirate hats, wigs, and loads of lively photo props to keep the vibes high and the awkward waiting times low.

5. Extra Wedding Photos

Wedding photo booths give you the perfect opportunity to catch your best-dressed guests in authentic, organic moments when they’re truly relaxed and having fun…especially as the night goes on and the drinks are flowing! Most people feel more comfortable in a photo booth than they would for a formal photograph during the ceremony or on the dance floor, so this gives you the perfect opportunity to capture your favourite people having the time of their lives. As a huge bonus, wedding photo booths give the happy couple a candid set of photos from behind the scenes, making for an incredible keepsake and experience to share. Everyone will love seeing the photos afterwards…plus, the experience of finding a film strip of beaming Grandpa Joe sandwiched between bridesmaids is something you’ll never want to forget. Priceless.

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6. Photo Booth Photos Make Great Wedding Favours

Two love-bird expenses with one stone…when you book your wedding photo booth rental with Pynx, each trip to the photo booth provides your guests with a personalized, endearing memento far more memorable than chocolates or a jar of homemade jam. With our custom templates, we will create a customized design for your wedding photo booth photos. A memento like this is just perfect for thanking your guests for sharing in your special day.

The Takeaway - 

Photo Booths Create Happy Experiences and Great Memories
Capture your wedding day in the most authentic way! We know that wedding planning can be intense, so we’ve made it our mission to make your event as easy as possible with our all-inclusive Brantford wedding photo booth rental package. The Pynx team will be there to install your photo booth, set the scene, create a good vibe, facilitate the fun, and take the photo booth down at the end of the event — delivering a totally seamless experience with a modern twist, excellent customer service, and transparent pricing. With our lighting, backdrops, instant 4” by 6” high-quality prints, and large selection of fun props – a Brantford wedding photo booth rental from Pynx boosts your guest’s experience and creates memories to last a lifetime. Give your guests a unique experience with a killer takeaway – and you’ll be so happy with your investment!

There are so many great new trends on the horizon for 2022 weddings (and beyond) – and we can’t wait to help you explore your unique style and plan the perfect event for your upcoming wedding. For wedding DJ prices, photo booth packages, LED lighting packages, dance floors and wedding DJ add-ons in the Brantford and Kitchener area – Pynx DJ Services is the only name you need to know. Give us a shout today to get your estimate rolling – we’ll bring the party to your wedding and make it easy.  
~ Jamie Carnegie writing for Pynx Productions.
Jamie Carnegie writing for Pynx
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