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Country's Hottest Stars Larger Than Life! The KICX 106 Video Road Show includes everything you need to entertain crowds from 300 to 3000! Country videos on three giant screens! KICX 106 host to lead the fun! Massive Sound and Light system! The show includes up to 3 screens if venue size allows.

The KICX 106 Country Video Road Show is comprised of 3, side by side, 15 foot video screens. Your KICX 106 host appears for all to see as they give away prizes and lead the fun!


  • ° 3 giant 15' video screens
  • ° 5000 watt concert sound system
  • ° State of the art, concert style LED light show
  • ° Interactive VJ & KICX 106 Host (MC)
  • ° Best video library on the road
  • ° 40 on-air commercials
  • ° 20 announcer mentions
  • ° Exposure on KICX106 Webpage

KICX 106 Video Road Show!

Find out more about booking a KICX 106 VIDEO ROAD SHOW for your group or organization.  Call 1-877-654-3210 right now to speak with a Pynx Productions Customer Service Representative or Send us an email message and we'll respond a.s.a.p.

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