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Backyard Movie Night Rentals

Turn your backyard into a movie theatre!

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“The Blockbuster” – this package includes our largest 20’ inflatable screen, 4200 lumen projector and 2000 watt active speaker package – this package includes delivery, set up and removal (additional cost if outside of the Brantford area, call to find out more)
We would LOVE to chat with you to talk more about how we can help you bring this to life and ensure that the components you already own, if any, are going to work with our systems.

Outdoor Movie Night Rentals

There are many fun ideas for a outdoor movie night, including setting up a screen, having a popcorn bar or other movie snacks, and inviting friends and neighbors to join in the fun. Pynx can help with an event like this by providing equipment rentals such as an inflatable movie screen, projector, and sound system. We can also provide assistance with setting up and operating the equipment to ensure that the movie night runs smoothly.

Here are a few ideas for a fun outdoor movie night and how Pynx can help:

  • Choose a theme: Make your movie night extra special by choosing a theme. This could be anything from a favorite movie genre (like horror or romantic comedies) to a specific decade. Pynx Pro can help by providing the appropriate AV equipment and setting the mood with lighting and special effects.

  • Set the stage: A big part of the fun of an outdoor movie night is the atmosphere. Set up a cozy area with blankets and pillows for guests to snuggle up on, and add some decorative touches like string lights or lanterns. Pynx Pro can help by providing the AV equipment needed to project the movie onto a screen or wall, as well as lighting and sound systems to enhance the overall experience.

  • Snacks and refreshments: No movie night is complete without snacks! Set up a self-serve snack bar with a variety of sweet and savory treats, and don’t forget the popcorn! Pynx Pro can help by providing AV equipment like speakers and microphones for music and announcements during the event.

  • Fun activities: Consider adding some interactive elements to your movie night to make it more than just a film screening. This could be something like trivia or a costume contest related to the movie theme. Pynx Pro can help by providing AV equipment like microphones and sound systems for announcements and game elements.
Pynx Pro can help create a personalized and memorable experience by adding special touches such as outdoor lighting and decorations. Overall, hiring Pynx Pro for a backyard movie night can help make the event stress-free and enjoyable for all attendees.

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